MFP’s New Technology Improves Cancer Patient Care

Cervical cancer is a worldwide problem causing 250,000 deaths each year, predominantly in the developing world. Since 2010, MFP’s Women Heath Initiative has addressed the high rates of cervical cancer in Haitian women with an aggressive, hospital based and mobile clinic early detection and rapid treatment program.
The recent introduction of a compact, mobile device (colposcope) capable of enhanced visual assessment of the vagina and cervix (the ODT EVA system) has markedly improved the diagnostic accuracy of detecting curable cancer. Continue reading

Combating Cervical Cancer in Rural Haiti

cervical cancer eradication

Cervical cancer is a disease that primarily afflicts poor women, and Haiti has the highest rates in the world. In March 2010, Medicine For Peace (MFP) implemented a strategic plan to decrease deaths from cervical cancer in the Gros Morne region. The program has now screened more than 6,500 women, and evolved into a model comprehensive cancer control program. We have recently expanded our program to target an additional 35,000 women at risk for developing this lethal cancer.

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