MFP Information For Volunteers

Drs. Chris Hansen and Michael Viola examining child in Baghdad hospital

Thank you for your interest in MFP programs abroad and in the United States. This section addresses the most common queries we receive. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to call our Washington, DC office at 202441-4545 or email us at

Q. Who does MFP recruit as volunteers?

A. We recruit primarily medical personnel (physicians and nurses). Some overseas experience is preferable but not absolutely necessary. Pediatricians, internists, emergency medicine specialists, public health specialists and nurses involved in child and maternal care are a high priority. Engineers, particularly those with experience in sanitation and hydrology have been very helpful to our programs. Non-medical personnel have volunteered for fund raising, public relations, teaching immigrant children, and accompanying children to hospitals in the US and their return home. If you are interested but do not fit these categories give us a call. We have a preference for volunteers from the ,East Coast of the US because of transportation costs.

Q. Do students volunteer?

A. Undergraduate students are not taken on medical missions abroad. They often help in fundraising events, office work and as translators. We have selected projects for medical students.

Q. How long do volunteers spend abroad?

A. Depending on the program and skills required, a volunteer will spend from one week to two months abroad.

Q. Do volunteers receive a stipend?

A. MFP pays for travel and housing. During extended trips, MFP will also cover costs of meals. Volunteers do not receive additional stipends. Everyone involved in MFP programs volunteers their time and efforts.

Q. Are volunteers insured by MFP when working abroad?

A. MFP does not provide medical or travel insurance.

Q. What is the first step to volunteer?

A. If you feel that you would like to join MFP’s efforts to help children who are victims of ,war and poverty, please send a short note expressing your interest and past experiences, along with a resume to: